What are you really afraid of!? Face that fear before your fears face you. – Leke Ademo

This post was first published on theinspireddream.com.ng on 18.07.2017

What are you ‘really’ afraid of? What is scaring you from Fulfilling your dreams.

There is this popular story of the gazelle and the Lion. It’s said that every morning in Africa, the gazelle wakes up and runs to outsmart the fastest lion or it will get killed.

In the same vein, every morning the lion wakes up to outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. Whichever way, once it’s morning, both the lion and the gazelle must get going in order to survive.
They must face their fears everyday.

Also there’s this story of a criminal who committed a crime (of course that’s what criminals do, that’s their job, isn’t it!?) This dude was to be sentenced by a king. The king, on declaring the judgement said: ‘I give you two options, to be hanged by a rope or to go through that door that’s terrifying with unknown fate Behind it and anything could happen.’

Without wasting any time, the criminal opted for the rope, but before he was hanged, curiously he asked the king what was behind the scary door. The king answered: ‘freedom!’
Amazingly, behind that scary door was the man’s freedom, but because of fear, the criminal chose to die. Can you imagine that!?

Wait, just before you think it doesn’t concern you, many of us are like that criminal, we choose the easier path to ‘die’ while living instead of facing our fears and becoming the person God had in mind for us to become.
I choose to live and not die. I choose to face my fears and make the best of every opportunity that comes my way.

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I’m Leke Ademo,Your personal brand strategist and Author of fulfilling your dreams, from conceptualisation to actualisation. I write from Yaba in Lagos, Nigeria.


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