To 2am.

This article was first published on on 02.08.2017

Right now as I write, it’s about 2am in Lagos, Nigeria. This young chap is up and running with the vision that he got sometime ago.

Dreams are not overnight miracles, no! They are achievable feats flying on the wings of hard work, persistence and a lot of guts.

Martin Luther King Jr, the man many believe to be the father of dreams didn’t achieve that feat overnight. He achieved it painfully, because he wasn’t even there to see it come to pass.

Can your dream outlive you?

This is a fundamental question. If what you have created or are presently creating is all about you, then you are part of the problem of underdevelopment your country has.

I’m a Nigerian by Decision, not by birth as my birth certificate would make you to believe. I have grown through many victories, from failure to success. Many see me and think that my life has been all rosy. Nope! I’ve had my fair share of failure, illness and stagnation.

At some point it was sickness that held me down from achieving my dreams, then later on it was failure which really held me now for almost four years before I stood up against it.

What’s stopping you?

I chose to continue, I chose to believe, I chose to achieve!

Each time I remember where I’m coming from, a new drive comes upon me to get to where I’m going.

Have you got your clear direction?

If yes, then join me and make yourself, your family and your nation proud.

I’m not going to stop until what I’ve seen becomes my reality.

Are you?

I remain,


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