Meet Essemm, Trailblazer Extraordinaire!

This article was first published on on 15.08.2017

Today our #TheInspiredDream is no other than Somto Nsofor popularly known as Essemm. He is a first Class graduate of Oduduwa University Ile Ife where he studied business administration.

In his words, “I am a lover and believer of God. I have passion for music, I make it, teach it and produce it!”

Essemm also sees himself as a  people person who likes to add value in any space he finds himself by making it a mandate to be a positive influence in his world.

He is such an inspiring person who is also the founder of The Way Forward Concept (TWF Concept), a music consulting company aimed at touching hearts and healing nations via good music.

How did TWFConcept come about? ESSEMM had this to say, “I had that as my slogan while I was in the university, then it was just a slogan with a meaning. My interpretation of the statement is that irrespective of barriers we should always move forward.

I had to personalize it, and it worked for. I was called Essemm the way forward and it struck with me because I began to walk in that understanding, I began to attract results, I was the go-to guy when there were issues that needed my attention.

Essemm is a very good singer, I’ve  heard him sing severally and I can  tell you that he is skillful. He also plays the piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, and drums.

When did this gifted chap start singing? He says “I started singing at a very early age, however I believe constant practice and listening to the right material has helped me to grow and develop my skill over the years. I guess knowing how to play some basic musical instruments has helped my ‘music listening’ and vocal practices. ”

He trains his voice constantly by listening to various genre of music materials and trying to duplicate it in real time. He has also written and produced quite a number of songs such as ‘You be God’, ‘Take me’, etc. All these are available on his website:

He is best known as ESSEMM, the way forward because he believes so much in the brand he is building. now  runs a studio which runs even in his  absence. They are a consulting brand that is aimed at being the go to platform for making music, producing music and teaching music.

The brand currently have a team of experts working in their studio to ensure that even in his absence the brands identity remains undiluted.

He believes so much in music as  his work because it helps him to achieve results or add value to his world.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been our pleasure introducing our #TheInspiredDream of the day to you.

Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017

Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality.

Just like my Nigerian fellows would say in Pidgin English, ‘if you see her cake, to marry go hungry you’. That’s to show the dexterity of this young 24-year-old damsel who has made it her job to make cakes and crafts.

Every weekend in Lagos and other cities, cakes are being consumed in large quantities at various events, and BhipsyWorld Cakes and Crafts is one of such producers of these treats which keeps Lagosians happy and ecstatic.


She says ‘I satisfy peoples cravings’. That’s pretty true considering the fact that cake is such a dessert that lights up every party such as birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduation, etc She loves showing off her creativity in everything she does.

Bhipsy World Cakes and Crafts is into Cakes, Chops, Crafts, Bead Works and events management and they leave you with an excellent touch as seen in their pictures as the Yorubas of Southern Nigeria would say: ‘won ni packaging gan’

During our interview session with the Creative Director of BhipsyWorld Cakes and Crafts, Ogunsanya Abisola Rebecca who spoke to Leke Ademo of extensively about what led her into the business of cakes and craft. She explained:

‘Growing up I loved experimenting a lot, I would get materials and mix up together, even when it wasn’t bringing out anything meaningful,  but I kept at it,  that was where the passion for baking came,when I had access to a mobile phone and internet, I would browse all day on how to make cakes,  make crafts, make dress etc,  funny enough I haven’t registered in a catering school full-time, but here I am churning out beautiful pieces like one who went through a catering school, i would call myself a self trained baker(even though I went for some few days brush up class)’




Abisola is a Beautiful, strong-willed and focused goal-getter. Her Passion, creative prowess and her love for working and creating things with her hands has kept her going since she started out officially on January 15th, 2016. She is a graduate of Computer Science from the Prestigious Lagos State University, Ojo.

Artist Ignites passion in Entrepreneurship

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017

Art is life, and is exemplified by the  beauty of nature. In our episode this week,  we have a young artist who is trailblazing in his own way. This artist is just simply amazing and illuminating with his paintings with the drive and dexterity he puts into his art.

Art is his life, he works to ensure he achieves excellence with every art he churns out. He is always shouting #kokopelli as if that is the only brand that exists. But you wouldn’t blame him, because if he doesn’t shout it, who else would?

Today, our #TheInspiredDream for this week is Dare Herald, an artist, based in Lagos Nigeria who has made so much difference with his art.

Everyone gets inspired by something. For this young chap, travelling inspires him, and you wouldn’t expect anything less, considering the fact that he is an artist.

Here’s what he has to say on one of his fond memories that inspires him: “Underlining the world ‘fascinates’. I would say the night I arrived UAE for the first time, when I was going to Dubai, my flight landed in Abu Dhabi after which they conveyed us to Dubai by bus.

It was about 2 hours journey but I thought it was only 30 minutes to tell you how fascinated I was, seeing the sights and the rest, from the landing, I was looking out of the window till I got to my destination. In short the Emirates is awesome at night.”

That sight has equally affected his art mindset. Dubai remains his travel destination, but he says he can’t wait to experience New Zealand.

This creative artist also claims that he is opinionated and outspoken which has formed part of his personality. His arts are so beautiful that he gets clients from all over the world. His role model is V. Van Gogh and is also mentored by Bolaji Ogunwo, a creative Mastermind here in Nigeria. On mentorship, he says, “Mentorship is important as it gives you a clearer direction in whatever you wanna go into”

He also gets inspiration from meditation. In his words: “I meditate, majorly on God’s word and also on Nature, my inspiration comes from these things.”

His personal quote “whether you go forward or backwards, you are towards something” is his watch word for living.

It’s all Privilege!

This article was first published on on 04.08.2017

It’s all Privilege!

I don’t know how you will see this.

But, it’s all privilege.

I’ve heard and seen people who have worked so hard lose so big. Some even lost their lives, the very thing they lived for.

So it’s all privilege.

The ability to work is a privilege which we all must be grateful for.

It’s all privilege.

Those who know how to think, know how to thank.

When you look at where you are coming from and how far you have come, you must realise that it’s all privilege and thank God for it.

Many haven’t got the opportunity, but you’ve got it.

Thank God!

I remain,

Leke Ademo

Your personal brand strategist.

To 2am.

This article was first published on on 02.08.2017

Right now as I write, it’s about 2am in Lagos, Nigeria. This young chap is up and running with the vision that he got sometime ago.

Dreams are not overnight miracles, no! They are achievable feats flying on the wings of hard work, persistence and a lot of guts.

Martin Luther King Jr, the man many believe to be the father of dreams didn’t achieve that feat overnight. He achieved it painfully, because he wasn’t even there to see it come to pass.

Can your dream outlive you?

This is a fundamental question. If what you have created or are presently creating is all about you, then you are part of the problem of underdevelopment your country has.

I’m a Nigerian by Decision, not by birth as my birth certificate would make you to believe. I have grown through many victories, from failure to success. Many see me and think that my life has been all rosy. Nope! I’ve had my fair share of failure, illness and stagnation.

At some point it was sickness that held me down from achieving my dreams, then later on it was failure which really held me now for almost four years before I stood up against it.

What’s stopping you?

I chose to continue, I chose to believe, I chose to achieve!

Each time I remember where I’m coming from, a new drive comes upon me to get to where I’m going.

Have you got your clear direction?

If yes, then join me and make yourself, your family and your nation proud.

I’m not going to stop until what I’ve seen becomes my reality.

Are you?

I remain,


Your Personal Brand Strategist

Trending: Amazing Artist Sparks up Social Media with Pencil Art

This article was first published on on 30.07.2017 is a Nigerian blog with international excellence and reach. It is the dream of  Leke Ademo and it seeks to make viral the achievements of people who have achieved​ greatness with their time and other resources in  business and industry especially as it relates with the use of one’s natural giftings.



Everybody is truly unique. Some people’s gift are more visible than others, but everyone is uniquely gifted. Our #TheInspiredDream this episode is Oluwatobi Ibiwoye.


On a certain day in 2015, I had just finished serving my country a few months back. So I went visiting in the city of Ibadan, one of Nigeria’s premier city. I met this young guy who looked like a regular guy on the street. As I got to know him more, I found out that this guy is so skillful that his arts looks like reality, that’s as if they were snapped with a camera.



Tobi is skillful with the use of the pencil to make drawings that look exactly like the person being drawn.


How did this artist become so amazing that he draws so well, could he have been drawing from his mother’s womb? Like some singers claim.



Here’s what Tobi had to say, ” I’ve been drawing all my life. But the upgrade happened in 2014. April 14. After a very long time (about 5 yrs) of not drawing again. A high school friend just buzzed me. “Tobi you used to draw in highschool nah”. I said yes! Then she said she remembered I used to draw in highschool. I was like yup. And she said she needed me to draw someone for her. Jokingly I asked how much? And she asked for my price…”


That was how the business of drawing started for Tobi. He has since developed his skills and has become really good. Amazingly, the day Tobi signed his first deal was the day my result was approved by the Senate of my Alma Mater. As the discussion progressed, I asked him how much he charged he noted happily, “I said I was taking N5,999. She laughed and said thats 6k. She said it was too expensive, she would pay 5k. Then I knew it just got real.”



“And in my mind I was kinda worried because I was only kidding. I hadn’t touched a pencil in 5 years. And I knew i wasn’t even good enough to get paid for those drawings I did in high school. They were so unprofessional and were just sketches.”


But now, with the benefit of hindsight, Tobi can say that the art that was dormant all those years was actually supposed to be expressed. Since that day, there has been no looking back for him.


In his words, “So I took the job but I gave her 2 weeks so I could get back in the game better So i started finding things out and practicing and by the end of the 2 weeks. It came out nice. I was so happy to see that she loved it. But I kept it cool. She didnt know what happened.”



That was how he got back into the game of art. From the pictures you can see that ‘skill’ is an understatement to describe his work.


Join me in this journey as I interview more amazing people who are using their gifts and ideas to make things happen in their world.


I remain, yours truly,
Leke Ademo
Your Personal Brand Strategist.

Leadership Skills Redefined: 5 skills every leader must possess, no 4 will shock you.

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Leadership skills is all about  responsibility. Many people who do not have positions of authority think that leadership is about who has the power. The moment young people realise that leadership is not about position, the earlier they begin to lead. There would never be enough positions for people to lead, but there would always be enough problems for people to respond their abilities to.

The moment you understand this, your sphere of influence would open up to you and you would be sought after in your field of endeavour. Below are seven skills you you must build and cultivate if you to be an effective leader.

The first is adaptation skills. Every leader must learn to adapt to his/her environment. We have basically two types of environment, they are internal and external. Internal environment is the environment you have control over while external environment is that which you must learn to adapt to. if you are going to succeed as a leader, you must learn to adapt.

Secondly, Communication skills are very important. The ability to pass an information from one person to another until it is properly decoded is very vital and this is what makes an effective leader. Most leadership flaws come as a result of this. Either the leader does not pass the information well or the follower does not understand what the leader is saying.

Interpretation skills is critical. All situations are not the same. The ability for a leader to accurately read a season or situation is part of what makes a leader outstanding in his leader journey. Every leader must learn to interpret data, understand scenarios and give good judgement regarding every situation.

Every leader must possess organisational skills. The ability for any person to organise data, people, or systems makes that person exceptional in what he/she does and automatically makes such person a leader. As a leader, or leader wannabe, you must cultivate organisational skills.

Lastly, every leader must be visionary, i.e every leader must possess vision skills. No one can effectively lead people to a place he/she has not been before.

To your success,

i remain Yours truly,

Leke Ademo

What are you really afraid of!? Face that fear before your fears face you. – Leke Ademo

This post was first published on on 18.07.2017

What are you ‘really’ afraid of? What is scaring you from Fulfilling your dreams.

There is this popular story of the gazelle and the Lion. It’s said that every morning in Africa, the gazelle wakes up and runs to outsmart the fastest lion or it will get killed.

In the same vein, every morning the lion wakes up to outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. Whichever way, once it’s morning, both the lion and the gazelle must get going in order to survive.
They must face their fears everyday.

Also there’s this story of a criminal who committed a crime (of course that’s what criminals do, that’s their job, isn’t it!?) This dude was to be sentenced by a king. The king, on declaring the judgement said: ‘I give you two options, to be hanged by a rope or to go through that door that’s terrifying with unknown fate Behind it and anything could happen.’

Without wasting any time, the criminal opted for the rope, but before he was hanged, curiously he asked the king what was behind the scary door. The king answered: ‘freedom!’
Amazingly, behind that scary door was the man’s freedom, but because of fear, the criminal chose to die. Can you imagine that!?

Wait, just before you think it doesn’t concern you, many of us are like that criminal, we choose the easier path to ‘die’ while living instead of facing our fears and becoming the person God had in mind for us to become.
I choose to live and not die. I choose to face my fears and make the best of every opportunity that comes my way.

What’s your decision?Kindly share this post and help us reach many others too.

I’m Leke Ademo,Your personal brand strategist and Author of fulfilling your dreams, from conceptualisation to actualisation. I write from Yaba in Lagos, Nigeria.


Trending: Lawyer-turned-bag maker ignites the flame for young entrepreneurs.

This guy’s story is inspiring, not because of what he has achieved, but because of the royalty with painstaking effort he has put into his work.

Our #TheInspiredDream for this season is no other person than Oyewole Olufunto. He is a budding entrepreneur and Creative Director of Charles Monroe, a bag making brand domiciled in the city of Lagos with international standards.

Funto, as I would prefer to call him, started his business shortly after serving his country in the National Youth Service Scheme. He is a Lawyer by Profession, a musician by passion and a bag-making entrepreneur by decision.

His business brand Charles Munroe is a brand for royalties. In his words, “Charles Monroe is inspired by Royalty and Hollywood glam.  Charles is a name in British royal lines and Monroe is from Marilyn Monroe a Hollywood actress considered to be an Icon”

The brand started by making both male and female bags but has since rebranded to be a strictly male brand. It’s a Nigerian brand with an international identity. The raw materials used are sourced locally from Mushin here in Lagos “where there are tons of leather materials and bag accessories to shop” in his words.

The premium bags which go for prices ranging between ten and twenty thousand Naira are a good have for any person that wants to exemplify royalty.

On the question as why Funto chose royalty as his watch word. This is what he had to say:  “Interesting question.  I would say a little bit of upbringing and environment. Growing up I learnt to play chess, which influenced my thought process and there is something intriguing about the British monarchy”.

Funto explained how it all began: “While growing up I had a passion for music and fashion.  I used to sew clothes for my sister’s dolls. From the onset I had always wanted to follow the entrepreneurship line. Never imagined working for someone. Although I didn’t take it too seriously till I was through with NYSC where I decided to learn  bag making since it was in the line of fashion”

How does he relax? He says, “I write poems, or short stories,  or I make a beat (as a producer)  or make a campaign video”. That’s quite interesting.

He has come this far because of hard work and some bits of favour. He says Zainab Ashadu is his role model when it comes to bag making, being a bag maker herself. For music, Janelle Monae inspires him.

As a young entrepreneur, he has probably learnt a lot about keeping the tempo when it comes to business irrespective of the challenges. He advises every young person that wants to go into business to “start small,  dream big, and be ready for challenges and disappointments”.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been my pleasure interviewing this young boss for your reading pleasure.

Kindly share this post.

Thank you!

I remain Leke Ademo, your personal brand strategist, biography ghostwriter and author of Fulfilling your Dreams from Conceptualisation to Actualisation.

Keep dreaming and achieving!

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Fashion is expression!

Every now and then that I see young people on Instagram who are doing their hustle right, I feel I that Nigerians and indeed Africans and doing great and need more exposure. Many have not ‚arrived‘, but with a more consistency and favour, they would achieve their dreams in record time.

Today, we have someone doing her bit in the fashion industry. She is the CEO of House of Tito, a former banker. Let’s meet her:
“My name is Bashiru Bolatito, I’m from Ogun State. An ex banker. I resigned my banking job in December 2016 to run House Of Tito full time.“
How has business been for her?
The Fashionista who has two apprentices and a tailor assisting her said business has been putting her best to exceed clients expectations and build her brand as well. She has been in business for 3 years.

Bolatito had her primary education in lagos and her secondary school was in Ijebu – Ode Ogun state. (Anglican girls grammar school) where she graduated in 2008. She also had her National Diploma in accounting at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta and her BSc. in Business Administration, from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye, Ogum State, Nigeria.
How was growing up for her?
„Growing up was fun for me, I was the type of kid who always wanted to do something. I hated being idle. I actually did not plan to do fashion designing as a full time job. I learnt it back in 2009 because I was tired of tailors not sewing the exact thing I wanted. I initially wanted to be a lawyer.

The evolution!

“I’ve solved the problem of getting more for less,  I did two collections last year and the outfits  were very affordable yet of high quality. What differentiates me from other designers is my style of sewing.

“Advice to upcoming Fashionistas.
It’s not as glamorous as it looks on social media, but the most important thing is for them to believe in their skills and never let go of every opportunity to speak to people about what they do, referrals is a very helpful for small businesses.

So guys, thanks for hanging on. It’s been a pleasure bringing to you yet another episode of #TheInspiredDream
I’m yours truly,
Leke Ademo
The #CelebrityInterviewer

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