#MondayMotivation: Leke’s Monday Morning Motivation: 5 #Timeless Principles to keep you on top.

Getting motivated could sometimes be difficult most especially when your environment seems to be against you. Today on #MondayMotivation I would be sharing with you ‘5 #Timeless Principles to keep you on top’, do enjoy the ride.

Think about this, what if you had all you ever needed, what would Monday morning be like for you, what motivation would you need. It would amaze you to know that some people who you think are ‘on top’ now, are still striving to get ‘on top’. Here’s the drill: appreciate the journey, you enjoy the ride to the top just in case you get ‘on top’ to realize that it was all fiction. Let’s examine 5 #timeless principles I believe have the capacity to take you on top and keep you there.

Number One – Be Disciplined
The way the human nature is, there might never be work done. We all need some push at some point in time. Discipline is that push we require. If we all had the chance of never having to work a day, some of us would still be sleeping by now. Discipline is not easy, but it sure takes us to the top and keeps us there. I remember when I was in the university, when I entered, I was in my fourth year post-secondary school ‘staying at home’ experience, haven written UTME and SSCE four times, I was more than elated to finally ‘gain admission’, that I didn’t consider the fact that I needed some discipline to succeed. In that first semester, I wasn’t lazy, but I didn’t put as much discipline as was required to finish on top of my class. I learned something:
there’s the discipline required just to survive and another discipline required to actually succeed and stay on top.

Number Two – Fan Your Dreams
If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey of life, it is that those who succeed on top are those that are who have continuously fanned their dreams. It would shock you to know that even success can be your limiting factor. So this is how it is, there are many pictures of success, there’s the small picture, the medium picture and the big picture. Many achieve the small picture of success and forget that it won’t matter once the time comes. I’ve not told anyone this before, but I can tell you:

When I was in SS3, I had just changed schools, I was an ‘average’ in my previous school, but when I got to this new school, I became the king as it were. I wasn’t speaking like them, the little I knew was ‘big’. I thought I had arrived. I became so good that I was now teaching others. We even did mock exams and I passed, most of my results were ‘As’. I even decided to photocopy my results so that I would show people what I had achieved, not knowing that that result didn’t matter a bit. By the time I was going to write the exams that mattered: WAEC, I failed English Language. I got E8.

Lesson learned:
If you measure your achievement by the small field you are playing it, when you get to the bigger field, you would become a failure. Many of us measure our successes by our locality, not knowing that our ‘real competitors are in other localities of the world.

Number Three – Stay on Course!
Distractions are everywhere. Many of us don’t realize it, but we are distracted from our dreams and goals by the very things that we celebrate. I recently watched a documentary of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. After a year of working on Facebook fully, they already had 3 million subscribers, but he wasn’t done yet. People around then probably thought that he should have been satisfied because that was a huge success by any standard, but not for Mark. Today, out of the over 3.9 billion internet users in the world and over 1.8 billion websites, Facebook.com stand out with over 2.2 billion active users according to internetlivestats.com. To stay on top, consider what is before you. have you not wondered that despite this feat, Facebook still advertises? Here’s what I learned:
The beauty of a dream is seeing it completely and achieving it wholesomely, not stopping until what you’ve seen becomes what you obtain.

Number 4 – Get Help!
I’m probably not supposed to be telling you this, but its the truth. We all need help. Our lives would be better when we can achieve all we are made of. Many of us cheat ourselves just because we have refused to get help. In that documentary I told you about, Mark Zuckerberg started out as a programmer who didn’t have the financial resources to take Facebook to the height he needed to get it at the time. He had to look for a friend of his who had the money. That friend eventually gave him some money which he used to get it to where it was. At several other times, Facebook needed investment which it eventually got until it became the money spinner it is today. So my dear, if there’s one thing you need to do, it is to ‘get help’. Getting help doesn’t always have to do with money, it could be technical knowhow or just an advice. Get help to go on top today.

Number Five – Be Consistent
So, I started this epistle with being disciplined. The whole package of diligence is sold with discipline and consistency. Let me ask you, and I ask myself too, ‘would you be on the same path to success you are presently in the next five years?’ This is a question we must all ask ourselves.

Let me leave you with this quote from Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal Manager who coached for 22 years. He says:
When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have a consistency in their motivation.

Thank you for reading. Share this post with someone today.

I’m yours truly,

Leke Ademo,
(Your Personal Brand Strategist)

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