Meet Essemm, Trailblazer Extraordinaire!

This article was first published on on 15.08.2017

Today our #TheInspiredDream is no other than Somto Nsofor popularly known as Essemm. He is a first Class graduate of Oduduwa University Ile Ife where he studied business administration.

In his words, “I am a lover and believer of God. I have passion for music, I make it, teach it and produce it!”

Essemm also sees himself as a  people person who likes to add value in any space he finds himself by making it a mandate to be a positive influence in his world.

He is such an inspiring person who is also the founder of The Way Forward Concept (TWF Concept), a music consulting company aimed at touching hearts and healing nations via good music.

How did TWFConcept come about? ESSEMM had this to say, “I had that as my slogan while I was in the university, then it was just a slogan with a meaning. My interpretation of the statement is that irrespective of barriers we should always move forward.

I had to personalize it, and it worked for. I was called Essemm the way forward and it struck with me because I began to walk in that understanding, I began to attract results, I was the go-to guy when there were issues that needed my attention.

Essemm is a very good singer, I’ve  heard him sing severally and I can  tell you that he is skillful. He also plays the piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, and drums.

When did this gifted chap start singing? He says “I started singing at a very early age, however I believe constant practice and listening to the right material has helped me to grow and develop my skill over the years. I guess knowing how to play some basic musical instruments has helped my ‘music listening’ and vocal practices. ”

He trains his voice constantly by listening to various genre of music materials and trying to duplicate it in real time. He has also written and produced quite a number of songs such as ‘You be God’, ‘Take me’, etc. All these are available on his website:

He is best known as ESSEMM, the way forward because he believes so much in the brand he is building. now  runs a studio which runs even in his  absence. They are a consulting brand that is aimed at being the go to platform for making music, producing music and teaching music.

The brand currently have a team of experts working in their studio to ensure that even in his absence the brands identity remains undiluted.

He believes so much in music as  his work because it helps him to achieve results or add value to his world.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been our pleasure introducing our #TheInspiredDream of the day to you.

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