Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017

Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality.

Just like my Nigerian fellows would say in Pidgin English, ‘if you see her cake, to marry go hungry you’. That’s to show the dexterity of this young 24-year-old damsel who has made it her job to make cakes and crafts.

Every weekend in Lagos and other cities, cakes are being consumed in large quantities at various events, and BhipsyWorld Cakes and Crafts is one of such producers of these treats which keeps Lagosians happy and ecstatic.


She says ‘I satisfy peoples cravings’. That’s pretty true considering the fact that cake is such a dessert that lights up every party such as birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduation, etc She loves showing off her creativity in everything she does.

Bhipsy World Cakes and Crafts is into Cakes, Chops, Crafts, Bead Works and events management and they leave you with an excellent touch as seen in their pictures as the Yorubas of Southern Nigeria would say: ‘won ni packaging gan’

During our interview session with the Creative Director of BhipsyWorld Cakes and Crafts, Ogunsanya Abisola Rebecca who spoke to Leke Ademo of extensively about what led her into the business of cakes and craft. She explained:

‘Growing up I loved experimenting a lot, I would get materials and mix up together, even when it wasn’t bringing out anything meaningful,  but I kept at it,  that was where the passion for baking came,when I had access to a mobile phone and internet, I would browse all day on how to make cakes,  make crafts, make dress etc,  funny enough I haven’t registered in a catering school full-time, but here I am churning out beautiful pieces like one who went through a catering school, i would call myself a self trained baker(even though I went for some few days brush up class)’




Abisola is a Beautiful, strong-willed and focused goal-getter. Her Passion, creative prowess and her love for working and creating things with her hands has kept her going since she started out officially on January 15th, 2016. She is a graduate of Computer Science from the Prestigious Lagos State University, Ojo.

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