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Meet Essemm, Trailblazer Extraordinaire!

This article was first published on on 15.08.2017 Today our #TheInspiredDream is no other than Somto Nsofor popularly known as Essemm. He is a first Class graduate of Oduduwa University Ile Ife where he studied business administration. In his words, “I am a lover and believer of God. I have passion for music, I […]

Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017 Creativity! Bhipsy Breaks the Norm in Hospitality. Just like my Nigerian fellows would say in Pidgin English, ‘if you see her cake, to marry go hungry you’. That’s to show the dexterity of this young 24-year-old damsel who has made it her job to make cakes […]

Artist Ignites passion in Entrepreneurship

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017 Art is life, and is exemplified by the  beauty of nature. In our episode this week,  we have a young artist who is trailblazing in his own way. This artist is just simply amazing and illuminating with his paintings with the drive and dexterity he puts […]

To 2am.

This article was first published on on 02.08.2017 Right now as I write, it’s about 2am in Lagos, Nigeria. This young chap is up and running with the vision that he got sometime ago. Dreams are not overnight miracles, no! They are achievable feats flying on the wings of hard work, persistence and a […]

Trending: Amazing Artist Sparks up Social Media with Pencil Art

This article was first published on on 30.07.2017 is a Nigerian blog with international excellence and reach. It is the dream of  Leke Ademo and it seeks to make viral the achievements of people who have achieved​ greatness with their time and other resources in  business and industry especially as it relates with […]

Leadership Skills Redefined: 5 skills every leader must possess, no 4 will shock you.

This blogpost was first posted on my blog   Leadership skills is all about  responsibility. Many people who do not have positions of authority think that leadership is about who has the power. The moment young people realise that leadership is not about position, the earlier they begin to lead. There would never be […]

What are you really afraid of!? Face that fear before your fears face you. – Leke Ademo

This post was first published on on 18.07.2017 What are you ‘really’ afraid of? What is scaring you from Fulfilling your dreams. There is this popular story of the gazelle and the Lion. It’s said that every morning in Africa, the gazelle wakes up and runs to outsmart the fastest lion or it will […]

Trending: Lawyer-turned-bag maker ignites the flame for young entrepreneurs.

This guy’s story is inspiring, not because of what he has achieved, but because of the royalty with painstaking effort he has put into his work. Our #TheInspiredDream for this season is no other person than Oyewole Olufunto. He is a budding entrepreneur and Creative Director of Charles Monroe, a bag making brand domiciled in […]


Fashion is expression! Every now and then that I see young people on Instagram who are doing their hustle right, I feel I that Nigerians and indeed Africans and doing great and need more exposure. Many have not ‚arrived‘, but with a more consistency and favour, they would achieve their dreams in record time. Today, […]