Artist Ignites passion in Entrepreneurship

This article was first published on on 09.08.2017

Art is life, and is exemplified by the  beauty of nature. In our episode this week,  we have a young artist who is trailblazing in his own way. This artist is just simply amazing and illuminating with his paintings with the drive and dexterity he puts into his art.

Art is his life, he works to ensure he achieves excellence with every art he churns out. He is always shouting #kokopelli as if that is the only brand that exists. But you wouldn’t blame him, because if he doesn’t shout it, who else would?

Today, our #TheInspiredDream for this week is Dare Herald, an artist, based in Lagos Nigeria who has made so much difference with his art.

Everyone gets inspired by something. For this young chap, travelling inspires him, and you wouldn’t expect anything less, considering the fact that he is an artist.

Here’s what he has to say on one of his fond memories that inspires him: “Underlining the world ‘fascinates’. I would say the night I arrived UAE for the first time, when I was going to Dubai, my flight landed in Abu Dhabi after which they conveyed us to Dubai by bus.

It was about 2 hours journey but I thought it was only 30 minutes to tell you how fascinated I was, seeing the sights and the rest, from the landing, I was looking out of the window till I got to my destination. In short the Emirates is awesome at night.”

That sight has equally affected his art mindset. Dubai remains his travel destination, but he says he can’t wait to experience New Zealand.

This creative artist also claims that he is opinionated and outspoken which has formed part of his personality. His arts are so beautiful that he gets clients from all over the world. His role model is V. Van Gogh and is also mentored by Bolaji Ogunwo, a creative Mastermind here in Nigeria. On mentorship, he says, “Mentorship is important as it gives you a clearer direction in whatever you wanna go into”

He also gets inspiration from meditation. In his words: “I meditate, majorly on God’s word and also on Nature, my inspiration comes from these things.”

His personal quote “whether you go forward or backwards, you are towards something” is his watch word for living.

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